Beautiful Betty is an ethical, sustainable & conscious beauty salon & beauty shop. It is an urban retreat, and their salon and shop is decked out in neutral tones and leafy green plants to bring nature in for a more calming experience. 
The old Beautiful Betty branding was lovely, however lacked personality and confidence. Alongside a re-design and new fit out of their salon and shop in Hexham, our client wanted a BANGING new brand that conveyed strength, and empowered their clients to be themselves. 
One of this brands beliefs is that beauty is from within, therefore every person is different. We portrayed this by not just creating one logo, but a versatile brand identity that flexes in many ways.
This identity is used throughout the shop and salon, we designed signage, leaflets, posters, loyalty cards and refer a friend cards, brand biography leaflets, price lists and the new website is currently in development. 
Project worked on as Design Director at Wonderstuff.

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